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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

>>FAQs – Frequently asked questions
FAQs – Frequently asked questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will LLENTAB buildings last?

The LLENTAB hall has been successfully resisting the rough North Sea climate for 30 years. This building is located 7 km from the globally renowned corrosion research centre on Bohus Malmön Island.

High-strength steel is used for all profiles up to a thickness of 7 mm. For thinner profiles (up to 2 mm), Z275 layer is used, while for the rest Z450 is standard. So LLENTAB buildings will last for decades.

What about the maintenance of LLENTAB buildings?

LLENTAB buildings are made of steel protected by galvanisation. This keeps rust away.

Maintaining and cleaning LLENTAB steel buildings is easy and straightforward. Cleaning the gutters once a year. away. Lubricating hinges. Removing snow from the roof in the event of heavy snowfall. Washing the building with a garden hose or high-pressure cleaner.

What building dimensions are possible?

Buildings may have unlimited length, with a free span of up to 70 metres. Heights are suitable for modern warehouses, sports buildings and aircraft hangars.

What are the foundation requirements for LLENTAB?

LLENTAB buildings can be built on a foundation slab or foundation feet. For more information, please see the technical information or contact us.

Is it possible to assemble the building oneself?

Yes. It is possible to use our assembly technique to assemble the building oneself. But we recommend the LLENTAB assembly team.

Is it possible to extend or subsequently insulate the building?

Yes. Any LLENTAB building can easily be lengthened. There are also possibilities in other directions (width, height). It is possible to insulate uninsulated walls and roofs.

Is it possible to move the building?

Yes. The building may be dismantled, moved and re-assembled.

Where are LLENTAB buildings made?

Production takes place in Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic. Since 1972, we have been producing in Kungshamn, Sweden, whose rugged ocean climate set the initial emphasis on durability, quality and reliability. Since 1992 we have also been producing in Gdańsk, Poland, and since 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 1987, we have been manufacturing on automated production lines. Since 2009, we have been making our own sandwich panels in Kungsham.

Why is knowledge of the construction site necessary for the price quote?

We create price quotes that are also based on the expected snow load. We will find out the expected snowloads at the construction site and optimise the construction of the building for this. Then we will create the price quote.

What is the price per m2/m3?

The price depends on size, the insulation selected, number and types of windows, doors, snowfall probabilities, colours, etc.

Please, contact us to get a free price quote.

What happens after you send your inquiry? How long will it take?

The preparation and realisation phases of the standardised 10-step LLENTAB process will take place. The realisation phase usually takes at least 15 weeks.

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