LLENTAB and the general contractor share the same goal – a satisfied investor.

This is why LLENTAB is always able and willing to find a solution that suits both parties – the general contractor and the investor. This flexibility is possible primarily thanks to people – LLENTAB is always represented by highly competent workers capable of making decisions. This is not just an empty promise: one of the company’s key strengths is its three strong internal divisions – sales, design and installation. Salespeople, along with designers and assembly teams, know the structural system of the halls perfectly, allowing them to offer a quick and reliable response.

The second strong cornerstone is the credibility of LLENTAB in itself. The strong financial background and certified quality control did not come overnight – the parent company in Sweden was founded more than 40 years ago. During that time, more than 10,000 production, storage, sales, office, sports, waste management and airline steel halls have been built in Europe. The climate in the town of Kungshamn on Sweden’s west coast, where the company’s history started and where its headquarters are to this day, provides the perfect test lab for LLENTAB halls – the strong sunshine with abundant rain and salt water from the Baltic Sea test the resilience of the Swedish halls’ steel every day.

In the first half of the 1990s, international marketing gurus used to say that a good product is the best advertising. A cliché? Not at all – this experience verified in the Anglo-Saxon world is 100% true for LLENTAB halls. Product quality is the third pillar on which general contractors can rely. Galvanised steel resists the weather, simple assembly allows the halls to be built quickly and reliably and the modular system can be fully adapted to the end customer’s current conditions and requirements.