The preparation phase

1. Inquiry
  • Needs analysis based on customer requirements.
  • Shared preparation of underlying documentation.
2. Price offer
  • Review of underlying documentation received.
  • Offer from LLENTAB.
3. Gentlemen’s agreement
  • Oral agreement with customer.
  • Contract prepared by LLENTAB.
4. Contract signed
  • Contract drawn up/received.
  • Drawings and pillar loads, if any, prepared and approved by customer.
  • Purchase of object-specific components prepared.
  • LLENTAB assists with the documentation required for the customer’s construction permit application by supplying floor plans/façade drawings, for instance, as well as quality and environmental plans.

The realisation phase

15 weeks is calculated as the minimum time from sub-order to finished project.

5. Order and project starts
  • Customer submits production order and choice of colour.
  • Sub-order for hall.
  • Project coordination in dialogue with the customer.
  • Clarification of any changes in relation to the contract – as decided by the customer.
6. Construction planning 7% (1st week)
  • Construction work commenced and components specified.
  • Purchase of object-specific material.
  • Planning of execution and scheduling of assembly work in dialogue with the customer.
  • Documentation for work environment plan prepared by LLENTAB.
7. Production starts 54% (8th week)
  • Manufacture of construction components commenced.
  • Assembly planning continues; readying of people appointed for the roles of quality control and construction work environment coordinator, planning/execution (BAS-P/U).
  • Construction site conditions clarified.
  • Embedding units, if any, sent to customer.
  • Dialogue on building permit approval/“green light”.
8. Assembly starts 66% (10th week)
  • Construction kits delivered to construction site prior to start-up.
  • Dialogue on “green light”, assembly plan, establishment plan, OHS plan, own inspections.
  • Assembly of framework and components.
  • Invoicing according to payment plan and changes, supplements, deletions (ÄTA), if any.
9. Building handover 99% (15th week)
  • Summary of project and quality checks.
  • Final inspection and handover.
  • Handover of final documentation.
10. Satisfied customer
  • Internal evaluation: sales/assembly/construction.
  • Summary of project.
The course of the construction of warehouse hall CZ0757