Stables, granaries, storage spaces and other agricultural buildings are easily built with the LLENTAB system.

Farmers were the first LLENTAB customers in our early years and remain an important clientele using LLENTAB buildings for housing cattle and poultry and the storage of agricultural crops and also as haylofts, garages for agricultural machinery, riding arenas and for other agricultural purposes. Each farm building is carefully analysed in terms of its purpose.

We are a direct producer, which is why we are able to tailor the project to the individual needs and expectations of investors, at the same time guaranteeing the highest quality of construction work. We are fully flexible and adapt our agricultural buildings to client specifications regarding the dimensions, equipment and weather conditions to which they will be exposed. You can search through hundreds of agricultural references to find several near to you or you can gain inspiration from other existing projects.

LLENTAB buildings in agriculture

  • Cattle housing, cowsheds
  • Industrial pig houses
  • Poultry housing
  • Steel granaries
  • Garages for agricultural machinery
  • Warehouses, shelters
  • Riding stables
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Why should you choose LLENTAB as builder of agricultural building?

LLENTAB is one of the only companies on the market to control the entire process of supplying steel buildings from the initial sketch of the client’s idea on paper to manufacturing to completing the hall assembly, so it can effectively guarantee quality at each stage of the supply.
The roots of the LLENTAB steel building system are in Kungshamn, a town in the Bohuslän region on Sweden’s west coast. The local climate has formed LLENTAB ever since its inception in 1972. Sunshine is vigorous and frequent here. When the weather changes, though, the change is dramatic. Not only is it raining cats and dogs – the rain whips you from all sides. Add salt water to the mix and it becomes obvious that the local climate has created a challenge that LLENTAB just had to face.
The system has always placed emphasis on flexibility and reasonable price, which is why it is a viable solution for small and medium-sized businesses today. The proof of the popularity of this system is in the number of completed halls, which has exceeded 10,000 in Europe.
For example, a hall with casing without insulation can be fitted with insulation at a later stage, enlarged with additional modules or divided as needed. Last but not least, the LLENTAB steel building system allows for dismantling a hall and erecting it again in another location.
Examples include: potential corrosive properties according to farming activities, hazards due to inclement weather like snow or wind loads, energy efficiency on the site etc.
More than 400 employees, presence in 8 markets of Europe, developed area in excess of 15,000,000 sq m in Europe.
The collection of steel for recycling is perfectly organised and a large portion of the steel produced comes from waste steel, thus reducing environmental impact.
LLENTAB has set up partnerships with leading companies in the fields of finance, insurance, subsidy services etc. The objective of the partnerships is to give the client a better position at the project preparation and execution phases. The benefits consist in saved finances and time, reduced paperwork and other advantages, always depending on the partner’s possibilities.

Benefits of LLENTAB steel buildings

Introducing LLENTAB steel buildings

Why do farmers repeatedly build with us?

We combine requirements on quality, deadlines and prices. We listen to customer needs during our standardised 10-step process of realising their agricultural building, i.e. from the first contact to the handover of the completed building. Moreover, the handover of the agricultural building is not the last part of the cooperation. All data is stored in our database forever, which is why we can react quickly when customers later wish, for example, to insulate the building, make an extension or change the layout. With more than 10,000 realised buildings, we know that additional requirements will come.

We strive for good long-term customer relationships as well as for environmentally-friendly production and practices. In addition to an open approach, another foundation of our success is a thoughtful, efficient and flexible building system. For more details, please see the technical information and videos from production and assembly. We design efficient buildings for the agricultural sector and recommend one of the appropriate types of wall and roof cladding. We understand and meet all customer requirements from the agricultural sector.

Client feedback with delivery of LLENTAB agriculture building

The construction of a fertiliser storage facility in Hostouň

The completed building precisely met our expectations. The entire collaboration, from design to production and the actual construction, ran smoothly based on written and verbal conditions agreed in advance with the LLENTAB sales rep. We will return to LLENTAB again with our next planned project.”

Milan Novotný, owner, Agriculture building CZ0712

One system – many different buildings for agriculture

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