LLENTAB offers architects and designers maximum support throughout the duration of the project.

The designers’ needs in connection with the designing of a steel hall are obvious – they expect LLENTAB to be a credible partner that will help them to efficiently deliver the project they are working on. In each of the countries in which LLENTAB operates, it has a dedicated team of designers who know the product perfectly. They are able to offer customers from among external design studios a quick response and sufficient information and input and, most importantly, suggest the optimum solution.

Design is one of the key processes at the company and guarantees a high level of service. LLENTAB is one of only a few companies on the market to control the entire steel hall supply process, from designing the idea on paper to the production and completion of the assembly. In addition, the company relies on a strong branch network within Europe. The local sales representatives, along with local designers, are always able to design the optimal route to the final project.

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