Work environment and safety

Our work in the fields of safety and the work environment applies to all areas of the Group. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to  contact Ann-Christin Bergman.

Our sustainability mindset naturally extends to our employees as well. There is more to setting up a good work environment than simply minimising the risk of injury – all aspects of working life must be sustainable. We want everyone who works for or with us to enjoy coming to work, to be motivated, and to have the best possible conditions in which to do an excellent job.

We want to be viewed as an attractive employer, and so skilled and committed employees are a precondition for our company to remain a strong player and contribute to positive development. Our aim is to be a company that attracts, develops and retains skilled employees. LLENTAB is committed to offering both current and future employees interesting assignments that give them the opportunity to develop.

Our ambition is to employ healthy and satisfied people, and we work systematically with health initiatives designed to promote good health, prevent risks and accidents, and assist with rehabilitation where necessary. We appreciate our staff and do our utmost to ensure they can achieve a healthy balance between work and leisure.

Safety is built on knowledge

When it comes to safety and security for our employees, our end users and our partners on construction sites, we follow a simple motto: no risks. Our vision is for there to be zero accidents, and we work tirelessly to make our Group the best in the industry.

Construction sites are littered with risks of accidents and ill-health, and mistakes can quickly have serious consequences. We have therefore designed our work methods to minimise risks to employees and everyone else on-site. We want all our construction sites to be safe, which means ensuring that hired staff, commissioned subcontractors, other partners and our own employees thrive at work, respect one another and come home safely at the end of the working day.

It also entails the partners we work with sharing our ambitions and complying with the OHS rules and regulations we and our customers follow. A safe workplace begins with open communication and an environment in which everyone looks out for everyone else.

LLENTAB works continuously to provide employees with the skills they need to carry out their work safely, with high-quality end results, and to motivate them to become involved and participate in the development of our assignments. The work to improve safety culture has a key role to play in creating secure workplaces. Surveys show that a major cause of accidents is inappropriate and risky behaviour. That is why it is essential that everyone should know what “safe behaviour” entails. We use a web-based training programme to communicate information to our own staff and hired fitters.

Ann-Christin Bergman

Group Quality Manager
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