Mr. Gosta Sandberg and Mr. Gunnar Knutsson were two Swedish fishermen who used to sail their fishing boats LL628 Atlantic and LL149 Pater Noster in the North Sea off the shore of Kungshamn 30 years ago. Since the North Sea is rich in fish they were doing well and the fishing operation outgrew the size of the traditional colourful fishermen’s houses. They needed more and more space to store their fishing nets and trawls, so they looked for a contractor for a new storage hall. By then, LLENTAB was already residing in Kungshamn and it built a storage hall for Gosta Sandberg in the local port in 1987. Gosta and Gunnar are no longer sailing the sea but their hall has been resisting the influence of the sea successfully for 30 years, serving its original intended purpose without any problems.

The local climate is really harsh on steel structures, as proven by the existence of a globally renowned research centre, which resides about 3 km away from Kungshamn on the Bohus Malmön island and has been using the rough local climate for its testing and research into corrosion for 50 years. As you can see in the attached picture taken this June, the LLENTAB is still doing fine.