Steel buildings

Steel structure

Since 1977 we have been developing the unique steel structure

-the LLENTAB-system

LLENTAB Steel structure LLENTAB Steel structure

Galvanized cold-bended profiles guarantee long-lasting quality and low steel consumption.

LLENTAB is using high strength steel for all profiles up to 7 mm thickness. Profiles are produced from hot-dip galvanized steel delivered to us in coils. For thinner profiles (up to 2 mm) Z275 layer is used , for the rest Z450 is standard.
Specialized production tools Specialized production tools
Profiles produced on high-tech lines let us deliver steel structures of buildings with unlimited sizes with span up to 100 m.

We are using profiles with thickness from 1.5 up to 7 mm. They are roll formed or bended in variety of sizes but shapes are following: Z (mainly for purlins and wall regels), C (for struts, pillars and frame elements) and Ω (as frame's top and bottom flange).
Standard bolt Standard bolt
Assembling with bolts provides fast erection of structures and long-lasting protection against steel corrosion.

All profiles have pre-punched holes manufactured during the production process, and size of the standard bolts is M12x35. This plus labeling of each profile provide forces correct assembling.
Steel building during assembly - Roof slope 14° Steel building during assembly - Roof slope 14°
Flexibility of the LLENTAB system provides possibility of delivering different roof slopes according customer needs.