The Polish branch is the largest foreign branch of the Swedish LLENTAB Group – the operation based in Gdansk was established in May 1992. Since then, it has built over 1,900 buildings. The Polish economy has grown the fastest over the past six years, driven mainly by high domestic consumption and revived investment. The milestone 2,000 LLENTAB buildings will be surpassed very soon.

With its population of 38 million, Poland today is the eighth largest country in Europe, and its economy has been tremendously successful in recent years – Poland’s gross domestic product last year increased by 4.6 %. Unemployment fell to 6.3 % in April 2018, the lowest level since 1990. Poland, like the whole of Central Europe, is experiencing economic growth but suffering a shortage of workers.

What are the specifics of the steel building market in Poland? What is the structure of LLENTAB’s Polish branch and who are its typical clients?

“The organizational structure is similar to other countries where LLENTAB operates, and our company has its own sales, design and assembly departments. Headquarter is in Gdańsk, and other offices are located in Bialystok, Kielce, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz, Olsztyn, Poznan, Rzeszow, Stargrad, Torun, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zielona Góra. Poland has a strong position in the production of furniture and printing, and many warehouses and operating facilities are built for companies from these two industries. Our typical clients are the owners of companies that need to build a hall; most often for them, we build storage and manufacturing buildings. The greatest opportunity for the growth of our company in Poland is the good and proven LLENTAB brand, a reputation it has been gained over the years. We have a lot to build on, especially the number of projects we have completed. Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ needs, and our good business services, reliability and specialisation have always been our strength”.

Piotr Śniadek, Sales Director, LLENTAB Poland