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Privacy Statement

As the controller, LLENTAB AB is responsible for the processing of personal information at / (the “Website”) with regards to information provided to us via surveys and e-mail messages, including mass e-mails. For information on how to contact us, please see the details below or visit our Website.

What personal information do we collect?

The only personal information LLENTAB collects is the data provided in connection with different requests, requests for estimates, the signing of agreements, issues relating to warranty claims and distribution of marketing texts and direct marketing. The data collected in this case by LLENTAB includes: name, e-mail address and company information. Detailed reasons for this together with the purposes of processing the information will be provided to you when you are requested to submit your personal information by filling out questionnaires on the Website.

Legitimate interests

Legitimate interests of controller are using of personal informations for realization of distribution of marketing materials and realization of direct marketing.

Using (storage) time

Storage time of personal informations is necessary time for using personal informations for agreement’s reasons, maximum time is 15 years starting from the date of personal informations transfer.

Information processing

  • LLENTAB looks after your privacy and it is important to us that any processing of information is done properly, in accordance with applicable laws and in a manner that ensures safe and appropriate processing. All processing of your personal information is done solely for the purposes stated when the personal information was collected.
  • If you want to know what personal information about you LLENTAB processes, you are entitled to request access to this personal information. You are also entitled to request the correction of incorrect personal information or deletion of information that is not necessary to comply with agreements or regulatory requirements. If you believe that LLENTAB’s processing of your personal information is incorrect, you are entitled to request limited processing of the information.
  • LLENTAB will not disclose your personal information to anyone else or transfer it to any country outside the EU/EEA without providing you with clear information about this and, when applicable, having given you the opportunity to consent to such transfer. For newsletters and other general mailings, we use technology that does not show the e-mail addresses of other recipients.
  • If you have any comments regarding this processing of information, if you want to exercise some of your rights according to the above or if you would like to contact us for any other reason, we can be reached at this address:
    Box 104
    S-456 23 Kungshamn, Sweden
    Tel: +46 (0)523-79 099
  • You are also entitled to contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority, which is the supervisory authority for the processing of personal information, and present your complaints there. Contact information for the Swedish Data Protection Authority is available at This site also provides additional information on how the GDPR regulates the processing of personal information within the EU/EEA.


LLENTAB may at any time update and amend this Privacy Policy. In this case, information about changes and any new terms will be presented on our website at:

Cookies Policy

By using our website, you consent to the site using cookies. On this page, you can read about how we use and manage cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer/tablet/smartphone. Cookies can contain text and numbers, but they are not applications and they cannot collect information about the person who uses the website, neither do they contain viruses or other malicious code. Cookies are used to store specific information in the user’s browser from a website to enable the website to later recognise the user or load the user’s information. Examples of this include log-in credentials, information about previous visits and which parts of the website the user has visited.

Some cookies, so called Session Cookies, are only saved during a browsing session and will be deleted when the browser is closed. Other cookies, known as Persistent Cookies, are stored for a defined time period and are automatically deleted after this period.

How do we use cookies?

Llentab uses cookies to identify hardware, software and for statistics purposes. This may be information about when you visited the website, what kind of browser you are using, which pages you visit and the duration of your visit, whether it is the first time you visit the site or whether you have visited us before, and from which source you have reached the site (e.g. which search engine you used, or which link you followed).

How can you remove cookies?

You can delete cookies via your browser settings. Instructions on how to remove cookies are available in your browser settings. Below are links to these instructions for the most common browsers:

Additional information and complaints

If you have any further questions about how the website uses cookies, if you would like more information or if you have comments on the website’s use of cookies, please contact us at