Sometimes, a standard hall is not enough for the client’s business – certain things require truly spacious and big buildings. LLENTAB’s steel hall system is ready to tackle such structures too!

LLENTAB’s sizeable halls are used for distribution warehouses, production halls and even sport stadiums, arenas and riding schools. Projects delivered by LLENTAB even include an airship hanger!

Rozměrné haly LLENTAB najdou své využití např. jako distribuční sklady, výrobní haly a slouží i jako sportovní stadiony, sportovní arény či jízdárny. Mezi LLENTAB realizovanými projekty naleznete i hangár pro vzducholoď!

The large size and sometimes complex design of the halls obviously pose increased demands at all project stages: From the initial sketches and plans to the structural assessment and design to the manufacturing of the profiles. This is followed by the transport to the site, assembly and site coordination all the way to the finishing operations. LLENTAB has many years’ worth of experience with exactly these types of projects. Several designers work together during the design stage for large and complex projects. For example, the erection of an ICA hall over 68,000 sq m was very difficult in terms of design, as the individual parts of the building have different heights and it was necessary to tackle the related installation of material storage equipment. As many as nine LLENTAB designers were working on the project at one moment.

Nákupní centrum Tanum (38 000 m²)
Tanum Shopping Centre (38 000 m²)
Hala ICA (68 000 m²)
ICA hall (68 000 m²)

The production of steel hall components can accommodate large projects without affecting other contracts. When large sections for big halls are being made, the production of profiles for concurrent smaller projects progresses at the same pace. To accelerate installation on site, certain parts are already pre-assembled in production. For example, special anchoring items are attached to a part of the pillar at the manufacturing plant and transported to the site assembled. This makes for a much faster and more precise fitting of the structure. As a result, the hall rises in large blocks instead of being pieced together tediously from individual parts. This makes the installation faster and less costly. The cranes needed for hoisting the sections need not be present on site throughout the entire period for erecting the supporting structure.

Large halls can also be used for surprising alternate purposes: For example, DHL used the roof of the Progis hall in Jönköping, Sweden, as an amazing advertising space. The advert is intended for airline passengers, as it cannot be overlooked during bright weather.

Hala Progis ve švédském Jönköpingu s reklamou DHL na střeše
Progis hall in Jönköping, Sweden, with DHL advert on the roof.

By the way, examples of this type of advertising can be found much nearer. In 2016 we built a SEAT showroom for Car Point residing close to the Václav Havel Airport, so you can see the dominant SEAT logo on the hall’s roof when landing in Prague.

Výstavba showroomu SEAT poblíž letiště Václava Havla
Seat showroom – erecting the structure.
Showroom Seat (Tuchoměřice, projekt CZ0657)
Seat showroom (Tuchoměřice, Project CZ0657).
Showroom Seat (Tuchoměřice, projekt CZ0657)
An aircraft landing at the Václav Havel Airport (Seat showroom in the background).

Iveta Dobřecká,
LLENTAB designer