Ever since LLENTAB was founded in 1972 in the small seaside town, Kungshamn, we have always made a point of taking care of our local environment. Now we have joined forces with one of Sweden’s biggest Seafood companies to complete an eco-friendly project on the Sweden’s west coast.


LLENTAB’s home town of Kungshamn – part of the shoreline municipality of Sotenäs in the far west of Sweden – can boast only around 3,000 inhabitants. Even so, we aren’t the only industry in the town. The seafood industry has long been an important part of the business community, some of Sweden’s largest fish-processing concerns have plants located here – including Orkla (ABBA), Lerøy and Marenor.

This, of course, creates a high burden on the environment, as these factories create large quantities of biological residual products and contaminated process water. And even though Sweden already enforces very strict purification and emissions standards, is there of course, always room for improvement.

Now Swedish Renahav have opened a state-of-the art water treatment plant in Kungshamn that sets the industry’s environmental standard even higher: a processing plant that purifies pollutants generated from fish tanks.

The Renahav project is part of a programme called “Sotenäs Symbios”, which was started by the local council to bring companies and interested parties together to create a “cleaner” way of doing business. The idea is that the waste generated from one commercial company can be used by another company to create value.

The Renahav plant– to which LLENTAB supplied the complete building – will use the residual products from the local fishing industries to produce biogas in a digestion chamber; this can then be converted into heat and electricity, which will then be sold back to the same industries. In addition, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be extracted from the biological waste and used as biological fertilizer for the region’s agriculture.

For more information, please visit Renahav’s website www.renahav.nu, where you will find video clips about the buildings that we have constructed for Renahav.

Here, you can listen to Morgan Andersson, a Renahav technician, talk a little about the on-going activities in the various buildings.
Morgan also talks a little bit more about how he and his colleagues go about cleaning processed water and fish residuals and converting them into gas and, later, into energy.
LENTAB couldn’t have found a more beautiful place to do business on than the Sotenäs area – with the island of Smögen opposite Kungshamn and the causeway, leading up to the Sote Channel, just below.