Lack of ice troubles the Czech Ice Hockey Association, which wants to build 17 new stadiums. Note: affordably. This is the headline that appeared in Czech press in early August 2017. A CIHA survey found that our country has one-half fewer ice rinks than Finland even though we are considered to be an ice hockey superpower. One of the potential ways to solve this problem – and not just in ice hockey – is the LLENTAB hall system, which is perfect for sports halls.

The company has completed many successful projects with the following common denominators: speed, variability and economics of construction. The list of reference projects for sports halls is truly varied – the examples of LLENTAB’s structural systems used in practice include the multi-purpose sports halls in Prague 11 and Prague-Radotín, bowling halls in Sadská and Mukařov, and the roofs for the ice rinks in Příbram and Polička. The experience in building ice hockey halls is extensive too – LLENTAB structures are really popular in Slovakia, with the third LLENTAB ice hockey hall completed last year. The fourth will be officially opened in Pezinok this autumn.

It seems that Slovakia has outrun us in terms of ice hockey in this respect, trying to catch up with the leading ice hockey countries by building new halls. LLENTAB’s position in Sweden is also strong, as the LLENTAB system has been used for the construction of practice ice-hockey halls for many years. Július Hudáček, Slovak ice hockey goalkeeper currently active in Sweden’s top league, has seen many top quality ice hockey stadiums built by LLENTAB in Sweden. The area of most sports halls built by LLENTAB in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in recent years ranges between about 1,500 and 2,500 sqm, with the biggest sports project in the Czech Republic being the horse riding school in Olomouc-Lazce with an area of 4,285 sqm.

You can see the opinions of both former and current Slovak national team players regarding the construction of LLENTAB ice hockey halls in Slovakia in the video below: