A large yellow hall by LLENTAB is situated within the Excalibur City shopping and entertainment centre in Hatě near Znojmo and it first opened to the general public as the Terra Technica or the “Jukebox & Pinball Time Travel Museum” on Saturday, 9 September 2017. The representatives of LLENTAB as one of the contractors were invited to a press conference and gala evening held on Thursday, 7 September, two days prior to the official opening. Mr Ronald Seunig, an Austrian businessman and the owner of the museum and the entire Excalibur City, personally presented the concept and the main attractions of the museum to journalists.


There was a lot to look at! An area of 8,500 sq m offers the viewers about 700 jukeboxes, 250 flippers and more attractions, all functional and in a perfect condition. The museum is divided into six sectors that chronologically – from 1890 to the present day – map the development of jukeboxes and flippers, their technological and design evolutions and their links to the culture of the era when they were made.

The museum includes bars, restaurants and interiors whose furniture and decorations hark back to the 1950s and 1960s – the times when the popularity of jukeboxes was peaking. Another attraction is the famed Batmobile – the original vehicle that Batman drove in a 1989 film of the same name. Ronald Seunig noted during the press conference that such an extensive exhibition of jukeboxes and flippers is not available even in Las Vegas, the global metropolis of entertainment. The museum includes exhibits coming from 17 countries, often exceptionally valuable examples.

The museum architects did a great job designing the interiors and using the LLENTAB structures. In places, the trapezoidal sheeting of the hall’s cladding is shown in full whereas elsewhere it is covered with curtains – depending on the specific sector design and the era it portrays. The roof structure is fully visible throughout the museum, but chandeliers and other fixtures optically separate it from the areas where visitors walk.

Managing Director of LLENTAB, spol. s r.o. Martin Haertl, Sales Director Radek Talián and Sales Manager Jan Hrudník took part in the gala evening on behalf of LLENTAB. Mr Hrudník was in charge of the commercial side of the project from the very beginning. Mr Aleš Pykal was the contact on the part of Excalibur City s.r.o., the client and the investor of the hall. During the evening, Mr Pykal confirmed their maximum satisfaction with both the design and the service provided by LLENTAB: “The price and the speed that LLENTAB offered informed our choice, and the personal attitude of all employees of the company involved in the museum project played a major role too. In fact, people were the key in this project and Mr Seunig, the owner of the centre, places emphasis on their approach. Since we do not change a winning team, I believe this is not the last hall that LLENTAB has built for us.”

The hall is 140 m long and between 39 m and 42 m wide. The internal vertical clearance is 4.2 m. According to Jan Hrudník, the hall utilises all of LLENTAB’s principal structural systems. “Despite that, the erection was not complicated – the brief from the owner and his designers was obvious from the beginning and never chagned during the project term. Our task was to transform their ideas into a specific design and build it on time and in full quality. And we did,” Jan Hrudník sums up the project progress. The roof structure and wall cladding are thermally insulated, and the cladding is made of vertically installed trapezoidal sheeting finished with a polyurethane paint on both sides. The hall has two fully automated glass gates sized 2 × 2 m and two steel doors, each sized 2 × 2.1 m. The outer cladding includes dual doors sized 1,000 × 2,100 mm. The structure involves 25 fixed plastic windows sized 4,000 × 1,800 mm. The fire resistance rating is increased (R45 or EW 45 DP1) because the hall houses highly valuable and even priceless assets – one of the jukeboxes on exhibit is the only example currently existing in the world